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Unique Christmas Gifts

Classic ChristmasChristmas Gifts By Peter Res

At Christmas, my father was the master of unique gifts that continue to surprise to this day. As a child, and like most kids I’d often peek through to the living room, with my sister, anxious on the night before, to see if any gifts were left in plain sight. My father would guard the hallway, until about 10 PM (the late time which we were especially allowed to stay up till, at age 6), but we knew little of what he was up to, thinking ourselves wise enough to expect that the best gifts had been put out already. When, in actuality, after dark my father shined, well into the night. At times, putting together Go-Carts and Trampolines, Drum kits and all sorts of other treasures that required much assembly and were sure to come unexpectedly. read more